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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 


I looked forward to Jennie's (Jennie Moreau - Level 2) class every week! She had fun and constructive techniques that helped everyone to step outside of their comfort zones and to take risks. Jennie is very patient, understanding, friendly and funny. I loved her energy!

— Ryan Jenson

Christina (Gorman - Level 2) was incredibly attentive to everyone in the class. She helped me to feel more confident in my acting skills. This class was so much fun!

— Rhonda Chellino

Linda Gillum (Level 1) had so many words of wisdom and great ways to help the class open up about their scene work. She's so supportive. I can't say enough great things about her.

— Amy Jelinek

Esteban is very inspiring. The Contemporary Naturalism class was productive and motivational. The movement exercises and techniques helped me to have a better understanding of my acting work.

— Chena Verony

The positivity and acceptance in Esteban's classes are truly awesome. I was challenged and learned so many new skills to apply to my work. This class is a really great addition to my training.

— Mark Cashwell

Esteban created the most conducive space for creating. The class dynamic was special and essential. I felt safe taking risks. It was a privilege to work with Esteban.

— Maggie Finney

"This (Rock The Callback with Adria Dawn) was absolutely the most useful and important class I have taken in Chicago and am so appreciative to get to learn from the guests and yourself each week. I'd love to sign up again next time you're offering it." 


— Hyten Davidson

"The Gaming & Animation Workshop was a great introduction into this fun and exciting area of voiceover. I highly recommend any students interested in this field take this workshop, so that they can gain insight into what it takes to do character voices. I had so much fun and Brad (Grusnick), our instructor, had so much knowledge and great feedback."

— Stephanie Azzaline

Brian  (Voice Over For The Professional Actor) was always helpful and positive and encouraged us to do our best work. I was always excited to come to class because Brian made it so much fun. ASC is a great place to learn your craft and continue to grow as an actor.

— Matt Thinnes

Brian's (Plocharcyk's) Voice Over For The Professional Actor class was a really great experience! I loved the sense of support and community. Brian provided such down to earth and practical advice. I feel empowered moving forward in my VO career.

— Lisa Woods