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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"I really enjoyed her (Gretchen Sonstroem, Instructor - Level 2) teaching style, her passion for acting and people really helped me see acting as a high-level art form. She also wonderfully blended logical thought processes with complex human emotion in a way that was really intellectually stimulating. In the beginning of the session, Gretchen would constantly stop our scenes, sometimes even before the first line was uttered; this used to frustrate me until I realized she was emphasizing the level of detail required to properly analyze and perform a scene. Her passion for acting, teaching, and people is both inspiring and contagious.--- The teachers that I had here are phenomenal and helped me grow so much as a performer. They are some of the best teachers I’ve had, regardless of setting."

— Level 2 Student

"I loved working with Stephen (Stephen Cone, Instructor- Cinema Lab). What a wonderful experience divising our shorts for weeks in class. But the best was when we got to shoot our shorts. Loved it!"

— ASC Cinema Lab Student

"From day 1, I learned new things instantly. It was such a comfortable surrounding. Doug (Doug McDade, Instructor - Camera 1) really took his lessons and developed them through class, making everything understandable and easy to put onto the screen. It was such a great learning experience; I can’t wait to take more!"

— Camera 1 Student

"Jack (Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1 and Improv for Actors) was dope- very encouraging and challenged us to push our limits. I also appreciate how available he made himself for feedback and council. I really felt like we grew as a class in terms of taking risks."

— Kelsey McGrath

"Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) was amazing, she was always calm and had a wealth of information for us."

— Danielle Schnurer

"Some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten from a teacher. Loved how real Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - Camera 2) was in discussing this business, but that she also brought a great sense of humor about everything."

— Alyson Calder

"Alice (Alice Pacyga, Instructor - Level 3) is an amazing instructor. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable to explore acting techniques and to take risks. She created a creative atmosphere that brought my acting skill to another level."

— Oleksandra Klevchuk

"Norm’s (Norm Boucher, Instructor - Beginning Voiceover) energy is contagious; he gets you just as excited about voiceover as he is. He is super informative and gives very constructive criticism."

— Amy Stricker

"Adria (Adria Dawn, Instructor- Auditioning for Small Roles in Film/TV) is a fantastic teacher and she helped me overcome so many obstacles that have been weighing me down. Thank you!"

— Charlie Match

"The instructor (Jeff Lupetin - Intermediate Voiceover) gave solid advice and tips that were very unique to our abilities. The feedback was information we could apply immediately to our work. It helped my auditions that very week!"

— Jennifer Zygmunt

Look Who's Working!


ASC alum Lisa Roti booked a role on Amazon Prime's new series, Utopia and joined SAG-AFTRA.