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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 


Sarah Charipar (On Camera Intro) was a great communicator. She was excellent at identifying areas needed for improvement and explaining exactly what actions were necessary to get the desired results.

— Landis Frederick

Norm Boucher's (Beginning Voiceover Online) gave real-life examples and useful techniques. I appreciated the breath of his professional experience and his ability to effectively communicate that to a bunch of newbies.

— Brooke Rodgers

Kurt Naebig (Monologue In Person) always brought a spirit of excellence to class. He worked so diligently with each and every student - even when someone was struggling he never gave up and because of that all of us grew to be better actors in his class.

By the second class I felt very at home at ASC. Great energy from faculty, staff and students made it possible to feel comfortable quickly. That comfort makes you really want to go for it - taking risks with your work- and discovering more at a faster rate.

— Lisa Baer

Christina (GormanScene Study) brings such a high amount of energy and passion to every single class and really gave each scene performed all her attention and energy. It's really cool and inspiring, as a young actor, to have a teacher who clearly shows a deep level of love and passion for this art.

— Kyle DuMez

Jeff Lupetin (Intermediate Voiceover Combo) provided a safe space to experiment and learn, in addition to his obvious expertise.

— Sam Musillami

Sarafina Vecchio was amazing in this course (Level 3)! She managed her time so well, and would set a timer for every scene to ensure we all had an equal amount of time. I really appreciated that and wish more teachers would do that. She also didn’t overload us with too many comments, instead just gave us a few concrete things to work on each week. Overall a lovely and fun instructor and I would love to take more classes with her!

— May Lee

Favorite part of Voiceover for the Professional Actor: working on discovering your unique/ quintessential sound, and working on commercial and animation reads. Brian Plocharczyk was very giving with his time both in class and via email. He gave honest critical feedback and always replied to questions. This course was packed with valuable information and training.

— Claire Yearman

The Nail Three Genres Class was engaging start to finish. We spent so much time on our feet and reviewing tape, it was the most collaborative class I've taken. Matt Miller s unbelievably encouraging and had a genuine investment in every single person in the class.

— Adriana Trajkovski

Shade Murray (Masters Scene Study) talked about focusing on History, Mystery, and Discovery and it really helped me target goals for my work. He is so encouraging, even when giving constructive feedback. It's so freeing. I learned so much in this class that I can take right into rehearsal; it really is amazing.

— Meredith Brasher

Shade Murray (Masters Scene Study) met each of us where we were. [He] provided specific, insightful, actionable observations and suggestions concerning our execution of scenes, [and] offered macro- level conceptual frameworks by which to understand and approach scene work.

— Mike Rogalski