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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

Jack (Bronis-Level I Online) did a wonderful job of promoting respect, opening up, and making us feel valued as a beginning actor. Prior to class, I was feeling uneasy but that quickly ended and I felt like I belonged exactly where I was.

— Michael Rubio

My son absolutely loves Mr. Danny (Taylor- Acting Power Tools Online: Ages 8-12) and was so excited to see he was offering these acting camps. He had so much fun in his class, he can't wait for more! Thank you so much for offering these opportunities for kids during this challenging time.

— Sara Felker

Christina (Gorman-Contemporary Monologue) Helped me to see exactly where I am in my process and what I need to work on next. She's an incredibly caring and compassionate instructor.

— Adam Jennings

Shade Murray (Master Scene Study) can work a scene like nobody's business.

— Huy Nguyen

Christy (Arington - Level 3) helped me to dig deeper in terms of personalization. Her feedback is always honest and intentional and the energy she gives her class is amazing.

— Warren Baskin III

I loved learning from Jennie (Moreau - Level 2)! The class was fun, but more importantly, I felt like a professional actor. Jennie always took the time to explain her feedback, encourage us to try new things, and challenge us to take risks.

— Natalia Lens

I felt Jennie (Moreau - Level 2) was a genius! Finding our strengths and building on them, treating every student differently, and working individually. 

I appreciate Jennie (Moreau's - Level 2) balance of encouragement of individuals and risk-taking with her close attention to detail in feedback. She's a hardworking instructor. 

— Natalie Nespoli Moreira

Best instructor I've ever had. She (Jennie - Level 2) is like a Jedi. So much knowledge. The class was very engaging.

— Ryan Thomas

Jack (Bronis - Level 1) was amazing and everything I needed in an instructor. So incredibly grateful for his expertise and the safe place he created for us to learn and grow. 

— Heather Dyer

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Jackie appeared in Season 8 of Chicago PD!