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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"This class met much more than my expectations.  Norm (Norm Boucher, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover) rocks this class! His expertise and sense of humor made this a fantastic experience." 

— Cathy Zaremba

"Beginning Voiceover exceeded my expectations. Norm Boucher was perfectly supportive and provocative so that you would challenge yourself." 

— Ryan Gallerani

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor- On Camer 3) is down-to-earth and empowering.  She has so much wisdom to offer and I really enjoyed her class!"

— Krista Gustafson

"I love that Janelle Snow's (On Camera 3) instruction speaks to how to succeed as humans, not booking machines.  I think Janelle is an amazing resource and would recommend this class."

— Will Wilhelm

"Janelle Snow (On Camer 3) always encouraged us to make bold, strong choices.  I love that Janelle not only gave us advice on acting but also on how to practice self-care in our daily lives."

— Samantha Hinchley

"Adrienne Cury (Level 3) is smart and gracious.  She is the ASC queen.  She not only earned my respect, but she made me genuinely want to do my best work.  I feel safe to explore and be ridiculous at ASC.  With the environment that is created, I know I can make bold choices and improvise without judgment." 

— Trevor Vanderzee

"Marti (Marti Lyons, Instructor- Script as Score with Marti Lyons) has an inclusive and highly collaborative way of working with actors. I always love her generous spirit and sense of humility, often stating, 'I'm interested to know if XYZ would work here' or 'you are totally on the right track and you illuminated something here that I didn't necessarily see before!' These are the kinds of things you hear Marti Lyons saying in class and it inspires the best, most magical work from actors. She also exposed us to such exciting plays with richly drawn characters and plenty of conflict so watching others' scenes was intense and rewarding. Marti gave us all really great tools!"

— Laurie Carter Rose

(Kurt Naebig, Instructor- Advanced Scene Study) "I never once felt like my time was wasted. The class was efficient and exciting. I learned something new every week. Kurt was extremely specific in his feedback and consistently referenced the same breakdown/guideposts we learned. Kurt made it very clear that class was the place to take risks and encouraged playing large actions."

— Brian Kulaga

(Janelle Snow, Instructor- On Camera 3) "I can't say how much more confident I feel walking into an On-Camera Audition. From wardrobe to sight lines, to navigating emotional vulnerability on screen, I feel so much more confident. Janelle made it clear several times to take risks and be who you are. Hearing things like that helped me to treat auditioning less like a funeral. I also appreciated her reinforcement of an actor's dignity. It is so easy to feel like the scales are being tipped, that we as actors are powerless. It's so empowering to choose not to be, and to feel freedom in the things we have power in! Janelle's attitude, positivity, and enjoyable outlook on the struggles of being an actor helped give me a new perspective."

— Callie Johnson

"Norm Boucher (Beginning Voiceover) surpassed my expectations with the amount of tips we learned in such a short time. (Norm) gave me tools I could use to access my own performance. I felt Norm's enthusiasm was infectious. I will always remember to keep my hands up, smile and the MF rule."

— Bubba Murray

Look Who's Working!


ASC faculty member Sarafina Vecchio booked a voice over for a 10 episode narrative podcast.