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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"Thank you SO much for this week Adrianne (Adrianne Cury, Instructor- Summer Audition Clinic)! It's been interesting, crazy, fun but most importantly it 's been such a growing experience. Even though I was a little...well very...scared about the scene you gave me, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and expanded me as an actor. I always had a blast in your class! Thanks again for this week and I really hope to work with you again in the future."


Ragan H.--age 15

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

Thank you for this wonderful week. During which I have felt myself grow as an actor. I learned to expand my mind to what I'm able to do in a performance, as well as in an audition. I've learned to establish what I'm fighting for in my relationship. I've learned to make a resume and how to work with a camera. Thank you for this memorable week, I will never forget it.

Evan B.--age 16

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

I'd like to start off by saying that what I have learned in this clinic (Summer Audition Clinic) is priceless to me. The countless things I have learned will definitely stay with me. From the 12 Guideposts to visualizing my relationships, my acting has improved substantially. I'd also like to thank all my funny and wise teachers for providing me with all of their wisdom and information on the craft that all of us here at the clinic are crazy about. I would recommend this extremely helpful clinic to any serious actor or actress that is looking to further their skills.

Will G.--age 17

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

Thank you so much for this week at the Summer Audition Clinic. I must admit coming in I was more than a little nervous. Turns out I had nothing to worry about! Not only did I make new friends, have so much fun and get great industry experience, but I learned so much! I learned how to use opposites in monologue class. I learned how to come from a place of stillness in on camera class and I learned how to show relationships. I loved all my teachers and my fellow classmates. I'm glad I got to appreciate all the different personalities. I don't want this week to end but I know I've improved so much. Thanks again.

Gianna G.--age 17

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

"My experience at the Summer Audition Clinic has been the most informational week I have ever had. I'm completely thankful and will not take it for granted. The new tools I have learned this week, I will remember for a lifetime and will think of this week when I go on auditions. Every teacher in this clinic has wonderfully developed me into a brand new actress, so thank you so much for that. I thank you for seeing potential and working with me. IN each class I felt the care form each teacher. I had the best week of my whole summer in this ASC clinic. Thank you."

Ashley H.--age 17

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

"This is my second year doing the Summer Audition Clinic. I'm more than happy to be back and surrounded by so many talented actors. Everyday I grow and learn so much about myself as an actor. I have sharpened my skills in on-camera, monologue, and cold reading. All of the teachers and staff are filled with such positive energy, that it makes you want to work so hard. So, I thank ASC for giving me this lovely opportunity."

Bella G.--age 14

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

"I loved the Summer Audition Clinic and especially the teachers who were apart of it. The staff is literally incredibly amazing and so friendly, and make me feel very comfy and happy. But the things that everyone (every teacher) had to say was so helpful. The industry guests that came in were so so helpful. They really helped clear so much up. I will NEVER do a monologue the same ever again! Kurt, Adrianne, Rachael, seriously thanks! I will NEVER walk into an audition the same way every again either! I shall NEVER never ever do an on-camera audition like I did before. EVER .Thanks, Doug!"

Thank you so much!

Matt. G.--age 17

— Summer Audition Clinic Student

"I took this class for work and learned so much about not only voiceover but myself.  I’m definitely coming back to take the Intermediate course for personal gain.  He (Norm Boucher, Instructor – Beginning Voiceover) had the perfect blend of constructive, yet caring feedback.  Norm encouraged us to try new things and take risks when we could.  He said, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.”  I have nothing but glowing things to say about Norm.  He made us all feel comfortable while still giving us real feedback.  I learned a ton in just eight weeks."

— Kristin Samuelson

"This class exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to get a little help from a unique perspective, and I left feeling much more confident in my ability to execute an audition. I received concrete tactics to help me improve, and throughout the workshop, Adam was kind, honest, and generous with his time. I'm grateful to have done it." (Adam Belcuore, Instructor - Theatre Audition Workshop)

— Christine Perkins

"Taking Kate's (Kate DeVore, Instructor - Voice Workshopworkshop gave me so much to work with. She knows her craft very well. She was direct and very detailed. The class was very motivating, and she made me realize how important our body as an instrument is! I thank Kate for giving us the recipe we need to take our talent to the next level!" 

— Jerod Haynes

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ASC faculty member Charles Andrew Gardner booked a McDonald's Voiceover commercial. He also appeared onstage and, with the Covid19 pandemic stopping live theatre, via streaming in TimeLine Theatre's Kill Move Paradise.