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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

Coby (Goss - On Camera 2) did a great job of preparing us for auditions and encouraging us to do our best. He's incredibly supportive, yet discerning and specific at the same time.

— Marla Seidell

Danny (Taylor - Level 1) created an open atmosphere that helped to alleviate any nerves associated with being a new performer. I felt safe to explore and take risks.

— Chelsea Butler

Brad (Grusnick - Beg. VO) helped me to open up and explore different avenues. I really enjoyed the relaxed and productive environment of his class.

— Meghan O'Toole-Gott

Danny (Taylor - Level 1) is a gifted instructor. His humor and passion are contagious! He has a talent for connecting to his students and bringing out their best.

— Jordan Getty

Christy (Arington - Level 2) excels in teaching you to own your choices and decisions as an actor. She does a wonderful job of making you feel empowered. 

— Jenean Truesdell

Christy Arington (Level 2) is great at helping every student progress to the next level of their acting.

— Wally Singer

The environment in Christy Arington's (Level 2) class is such a supportive environment to be in. It was a space to be vulnerable and take risks. I always felt incredibly supported and challenged.

— Oana Ionut

Christy Arington (Level 2) helped me to go deeper as an actor. She always brought about ideas I hadn't thought about. Christy helped all of us to see that details are important when making acting choices. I feel like a better performer after this class.

— Anthony Bradley

Christy Arington (Level 2) was very honest with and observant of each student. She was always engaged and gave great feedback! A total pro who made class exciting and fun.

— Christopher W. Paschal

The instructors at ASC are the cream of the crop and this includes Jennie Moreau (Level 1). Jennie always brings really great energy to her class. I gained a lot of powerful insight about myself. Jenny helped me to grow as a performer.

— Warren Baskin III

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