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Are you ready to rumble? Stage combat skills are an important part of the actor’s training. In this dynamic 1 day workshop, you’ll learn to safely slap, punch, kick, choke, bite, and hair pull to diversify your actor toolbox. The class will conclude with learning a basic fight sequence with special emphasis placed on acting the fight.

If you were ever intimidated by Stage Combat, this workshop is for you!

Required: Level 1 or equivalent training or a placement audition.

Tuition: $80

1 Day Workshop

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, 1:30p-5:30p

Starts November 4

This class has a pre-requisite: LEVEL 1 INTRODUCTION TO SHURTLEFF.

If you have the equivalent experience...

Christina Gorman

Actress and fight choreographer, Christina brings energy, creativity, and industry knowledge to her classes!

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"Christina (Christina Gorman, Instructor - Stage Combat) was all over keeping us safe and showing us how to improve. She was so encouraging and did a great job at creating a safe and fun atmosphere."

— Angela Rak